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 Add your own id in your friend list

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PostSubject: Add your own id in your friend list   Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:48 pm


TO add yurself in your own friendlist follow this steps:

1. Log in with your nick(username).
2. Go to “add contact”.
3. Write your nick with “special vowel character”. E.g. if ur id is grunzy_baba then write grunzy_bãba(at least 1 special letter in your id)
4. After adding grunzy_bãba, that nick will appear in your contact list.
5. Then log out.
6. After that u log in again. There you'll see “gunzy_baba” needs to be accepted. Accept it.
7. Take a look at your contact list. You'll have grunzy_baba and (grunzy_bãba).
8. Now u have your own nick in your contact list. Delete (grunzy_bãba) if u feel you don't need it anymore.
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Add your own id in your friend list
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