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 Put emotions in your status messages

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PostSubject: Put emotions in your status messages   Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:40 pm

Hello all,
Now days we see many users
give emot in their status which
are look pretty and amazing.
Many users wonder how guys
make that and many user hiding
this tricks. r8 now um sharing
this tricks.
First login your id in
In the status msg post these
code below and then see via
mobile or sjboy that your status
msg got colorful emotion.(you
must view via mig33 v4.2/4.3 to
view these, you cant see these
via pc xcpt if you use sjboy)
Codes of emotion for status msg:
= !< < emot
 =music emot
 =world emot
 =love emot
 =down arrow emot
î» =football emot
=phone emot
 =tea cup emot
 =sun emot
 =flower emot
î»… =search emot
You can write anything with
colourfull emot.( eg: î» Š  
  Nepalimig33  
 )
**You must login via to apply this**

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Put emotions in your status messages
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